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Our Chakra Candle collection is just what you need for balancing and clearing your chakras! These candles have been specially crafted to evoke the energy of each chakra, helping to restore balance and harmony. They are perfect for use during meditation or as intention candles, helping you to focus your energy on specific areas of your life. With their beautiful colors and enchanting scents, these candles are a must-have for any spiritual practice. Order your Chakra Candle collection today and feel the difference!

Chakra Candle collection

SKU: 364215375135191
Crown Chakra: purple
Third Eye: Blue
Throat Chakra: light blue
Heart Chakra : Green
Solar plexus : yellow
Sacral Chakra : orange
  • Magic chakra candles are used to balance and cleanse the chakra,.   Our Candles are made at our Spiritual Temple and Blessed by our Gifted Psychics. 

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